Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Steve Jobs Keynote: What Apple Did Not Announced

This morning, the MacBook air was the big thing: a super-portable laptop, both cool and expensive. It is innovative, but maybe not as much as the "tablet iPod touch" some imagined (like an iPod touch, but with a much larger work surface).

For those of us interested in the iPhone, Steve's keynote this morning was almost a non-event. We had a minor upgrade to the iPhone software; really nothing earth shattering. I (any many others) expected Apple to announce at least a couple of items from the list below:

  • A new 3G iPhone to be released in June, maybe also equipped with a GPS and tactile feedback
  • A new Apple Bluetooth stereo headset which you can use with the iPhone (A2DP)
  • A new ultra-small Bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone (or maybe this one is more wishful thinking on my part than a prediction)
  • Some of the new iPhone applications created by vendors who go an early access to the iPhone development kit
I am not sure that we tend to underestimate what technologies can do in the long term, as Ray would argue, but for sure we overestimate what they can do in the short term.