Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Features not Announced and the $20 Upgrade

Listening to MacBreak Weekly's Keynote Analysis made me realize how many iPhone features were not announced at the keynote. Even some that we expected to have in the iPhone when it first came out, as most modern phone have those capabilities:

  • Take video video clips
  • Send and receive multimedia messages (attaching photos and video clips)
Of interest was the $20 upgrade for the iPod touch. Andy noted, somewhat sarcastically, that this must be a way for Apple to test their upcoming iPhone/iPod touch software store accessible though iTunes.

It could also be the beginning a a trend for Apple: I have been wondering how Apple would deal with software updates to the iPhone. Should they make the updates available only on the latest iPhones, or should they make them also available for free for older iPhones? Maybe Apple will pick a way which is somewhere in the middle: make the updates available to existing iPhone, but for a charge. This is somehow similar to what Apple is doing with new releases of Mac OS X.