Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gmail Mobile Missing "Report Spam" on the iPhone

I mentioned yesterday that the Gmail Mobile site was improved to expose more of the functionality you get in the full HTML version. I loved the Report Spam button, which you can use to quickly report all the checked messages as spam. But this morning, I notice that this button is gone:
But is seems to be only gone from the interface when you access it from the iPhone. Access the same site from a desktop browser (or another mobile browser), and you will get a slightly different UI with the Report Spam button:

So Gmail seems to be serving a different page for iPhone users. Nothing wrong with that, but please, provide at least the same amount of functionality in the pages you build for the iPhone as in the pages built for other devices!


Brett said...

You'd think that someone at Google has an iPhone to see this! =) Should be fixed any minute I hope...

Alessandro Vernet said...


I hope that there is someone at Google that has an iPhone. But this has been broken for a few days now. And this is broken just for the iPhone. So I am actually starting to doubt that anyone at Google has an iPhone! Damn, that's frustrating! ;)


Frenchy said...

It's 2011 and I still don't see a "Report Spam" button on my mobile: Droid X. Has that issue never been addressed?

Alessandro Vernet said...


Are you using the native Gmail client for Android? I don't have an Android device, but I really doubt their native Gmail application (not the native mail client) doesn't have a way to mark messages as spam. And if that's the case, you can always use their mobile web version (go to http://www.gmail.com on your phone), which does have a way to mark messages as spam.