Wednesday, September 26, 2007

D-Link DUB-H7: Not Recommended

This hub has 7 ports, and is quite compact. Those are all things I like. However, I have found it to be unreliable. From time to time, one device connected to the hub will stop working. You just disconnect and reconnect the device, and everything gets back to normal. The interval between two incidents can be of a few hours or a few days. I have a keyboard, mouse, headset, printer, and scanner connected to the hub, and never have any problem like this when they are connected directly to my laptop.

For a while I thought this was maybe a problem specific to my Windows machine. Lately I got a MacBook Pro, and was surprised to have exactly the same problem. So this is definitely some problem with the hub, or with the interaction between the hub and the devices I am using.

  • Bottom line - I can't use this hub.
  • Verdict - Not recommended.
  • Question - Is there any USB hub with at least 5 ports that you would recommend?