Monday, September 24, 2007

Gmail Mobile Improved

Great news for those of us who are using the Gmail Mobile site: the site has been revamped and the changes became visible to me this morning:

  • You can now select messages and perform an action on those messages (for instance mark as spam). Previously you could not mark a message as spam from Gmail Mobile. Instead, you had to click on every single message and then click on Trash message. This was slow, and still not equivalent to marking as spam.
  • Pages have been changed slightly to take into account those of us using a tap interface (think: iPhone). Previously the action Archive was so close to Forward and Mark unread that hitting the right action required some skill. Now some space have been added between those links, which makes Gmail Mobile much more usable.
This is some great news for those of us who want to access Gmail from our iPhone. I am thrilled! It still isn't as good as the actual Gmail Mobile application (which I used to run on my Nokia E62, and which runs on most phones where you can install applications), but this is a very nice step in the right direction.


ferrous said...

i noticed that this morning, too. much better! i access it via my palm tx & even though i've heard it's possible to get the gmail app to run on it, it takes a fair bit of mucking around since it's not actually supported for the palm. this improvement to their mobile web interface is very welcome!

Alessandro Vernet said...

On some Palm devices, you need to install the Java VM yourself, which is a pain. Google has a few pointers on how to get started installing the Java VM on a Treo.