Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Google, Online Collaboration, JotSpot, and Basecamp

Google will be soon launching a new service, Google Sites, based on their acquisition of JotSpot. This will make Google's online collaboration offering for businesses even stronger.

The word on the street for some time has been that Google is the new Microsoft. If Google doesn't already compete with you today, they sure will tomorrow. Talking about online collaboration tools, should 37signals be worried? At Orbeon we are using Basecamp; we have found it to be a great tool, but have been disappointed to the lake of improvements to Basecamp during the last couple of years. Come on guys, it is time for a major update to Basecamp, or others (yes, Google) will soon be providing a more complete and more competitive offering.


Wax said...

I couldn't agree more about Basecamp. It turned out to be the greates dissapointment. There's even a whole dedicated to Basecamp drawbacks. My team chose Wrike for collaboration. I'm not sure Google's JotSpot can offer something better than our tool.

Anonymous said...

Wrike is just as bad as basecamp. I am sick of going to basecamp blogs and seeing these fake comments plugging Wrike.

Natalija said...

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Joe Pringle said...

Google is putting a huge amount of pressure on everyone in the online collaboration business to put up or shut up. All of us (I'm with
), are watching their every move to make sure we can stay a step ahead. Google sites is a nice start, but it's still not quite there yet as an enterprise grade tool or for organizations who aren't on Google Apps. For example, having to create a personal google account is a big barrier for inviting new users. It will only get better though and for the rest of us who want to stay in business we need to provide something that is clearly better because it's hard to compete on price when your competition is free.