Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Cluttered Desk is Good for You? I don't think so!

Einstein supposedly said:

If a Cluttered Desk is a Sign of a Cluttered Mind, What's an Empty Desk a Sign Of?
I wouldn't take this as a call to make your desk more cluttered. What works for Al Gore or for Einstein most likely won't work for you. This because we are bad at multitasking, even worse than most of us think we are. We work the best when we can stay focused on a particular task for a period of time. A cluttered environment encourages the opposite behavior: it puts right in your face invitations to do something else.

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Olivier Bruchez said...

Exactly what I thought when I saw the picture of Al Gore's desk. It seems that my focus always goes down as entropy goes up... I'm like Monica in Friends: if everything is not clean and ordered, I cannot fully focus on something. :-) And that's one of the point of GTD, if I remember correctly: you're supposed to hide the "documents" you're not currently using.