Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TeaShark: Competition to Opera Mini is on the Way

Every new version of Opera Mini blows me away. I used version 3 for a while. For the first time, at least compared to all the other browsers I have seen before on Nokia phones, it made browsing web site reasonably usable. With version 4 (now in beta), you get "real web" rendering: Opera Mini doesn't need to change the layout of the pages to fit on your screen. You can see the web page as they were intended to be seen.

Now there is a new company in town, TeaShark, that built what looks like a clone of Opera Mini. Impressive! It is great to see new product that promise to bring an iPhone-like browsing experience to a wide range of phone. Some of us already spend more time on our phone browsing than calling. Will this trend go mainstream?