Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Comments feed on Blogger

For sure I wouldn't want to miss any comment on this blog. I would also like to be able to respond as quickly as possible. As a blog author or frequent reader, you would like to subscribe to a feed that contains all the comments.

But where is that feed for Blogger? I have "Blog Comment Feed" set to full in the Blogger preferences, but still no link to the comments feed is included in the web page (neither in the body with an anchor or the head with a link). Maybe this is a issue with the template I am using? Looking around at other blogs on Blogger, I figured the URL to the comments feed is:

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Hi Alex

I am a journalist for CIO New Zealand.
Orbeon is in our Strategic 100 of top global firms.
Orbeon has been selected as one of our rising stars.
Please can you ring me on 64-9-4444-893.
NZ is about 6-7 hours behind California, or 12 hours ahead of the UK.
The things I would like to ask you include stuff on what Orben is doing, recent deals, products and successes, what is coming next, global revenue and staffing.
Plus anything else of interest to CIOs and other IT leaders.

All the best