Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Those Zunes Must Be Hard to Sell

The Zune 30 GB was on Woot at $150 a few days ago. Compare that to around $200 at Amazon, and $250 for a 30 GB iPod. Now $150 should be a good deal, shouldn't it? For sure, those Zune must be hard to sell, and I am not sure that lowering the price will help much.

It reminds me this Logitech USB speaker phone, which I saw "sold" for $0 after mail-in rebate at Fry's a few months ago. It looks good in picture, but the product is apparently flawed. Shoppers were not duped: even for free after mail-in rebate, a big stack of them were still waiting to be picked up at the store I went to. Of course, those who bought it and resold it on eBay might after all have done a good deal.