Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The iPhone Jack Connector

Reading from all the people who are complaining that their current headphones can't be used on the iPhone I though that the iPhone would come with a 2.5 mm jack connector. That connector is smaller that the more usual 3.5 mm jack connector that is used on most headphones, and it is often used on smart phones, including Treos and some Nokia phones. I owned a Nokia E62 that comes with a 2.5 mm, and finding 2.5 mm headphones or a 3.5 to 2.5 mm adapters has been notably hard.

But the iPhone has a 3.5 mm connector. However, normal headphones won't fit that connector, not because this is some time of special 3.5 mm connector, but because the opening on the iPhone is not large enough. How stupid is that? Fortunately you can easily get around this. Don't get one of those ridiculous Belkin adapter. Instead just cut a little bit of plastic off the end of your jack connectors. I did that on a couple of headphones and it works like a charm!