Monday, September 03, 2007

A Real Skype Client for the iPhone

We have seen at least one company that lets you place Skype calls from your iPhone. But so far, this has been been through a call-back. This is not end-to-end VoIP. You are still using your airtime. Because of this, I am sure AT&T doesn't mind too much.

What I hope to see in the near future is a true Skype client running on the iPhone. I don't expect it to work well over GPRS, but you will be able to use it over Wi-Fi.

Because the iPhone is a closed platform, creating a Skype client for the iPhone will require a number of hacks. This means that most likely we won't get an "official Skype client" for the iPhone. And because the Skype system itself is closed, we haven't seen a lot of third-party Skype client for any platform. Creating one for the iPhone will be a double-challenge!

But ultimately, this will be done. And at that time it will be interesting to see how Apple and AT&T react.


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Alessandro Vernet said...

Thank you for the tip! I didn't get a chance to try it yet, but MyToGo looks like a great solution: you call your own SkypeIn number, MyToGo picks up, and you can instruct MyToGo to call other numbers, with your SkypeOut minutes.