Thursday, August 23, 2007

Skype for the iPhone

SHAPE Services, a German company that creates IM clients for cell phones, has released a nice web site that enables you to use Skype from your iPhone. And if you don't own an iPhone yet, you can try it from Safari:

Skype for iPhone lets you chat with other Skype users, but also call people on Skype or on landlines. They achieve this by calling your phone and the other party through Skype, using your Skype credits.

Assuming you don't have a unlimited plan and are in the US, you will pay 2.1 USD cents/minutes to call another Skype user, and 4.2 USD cents/minute to call a land line in the US, China, and most European countries. Since you are paying airtime anyway, for US calls you'd better call the person directly with your phone. For international calls, unless you have a Skype unlimited plan, Jajah will give you better rates (with many countries in the 3-3.5 USD cents/minute). Watch the competition, do the math, and pick what's best for you!

Seen this first on Download Squad.