Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yuuguu: Screen sharing, Free and Easy

Yes, Yuuguu is a ridiculous name. Do you picture yourself asking a client to join you for a meeting on... Yuuguu? But it has some great features compared to many other similar tools I have used in the past:

  • Signing up is super-fast. Download the tool (they have Windows and Mac versions), run it, register with the service, and you're up and running.
  • When you are sharing your screen with other people, Yuuguu tells you what the current delay is before viewers see an update. This way you can pace yourself, without having to ask people "have you seen that? do you see now my screen with X on it?"
  • By default, Yuuguu reduces the number of colors for the images it sends, to reduce bandwidth usage and improve speed. But sometimes colors do matter. Yuuguu lets you choose if you want to use "real colors" or not, and you can switch back and forth during your presentation.
  • If you just want to share your screen with someone who won't need to share back their screen with you, you can just point them to a web page, ask them to enter a PIN, and they will see your screen in their browser, with no registration required on their part.
Give it try, and let me know what you think.