Friday, March 14, 2008

Troubleshooting Yugma v3

I have been using Yugma for a while but recently had some problem, like many other, when upgrading to Yugma v3. My understanding is that when you go to the Yugma home page and click on start a session, the site checks through an applet if you have Yugma already installed:

  • If Yugma is installed, it starts it.
  • Otherwise it asks you to download the Yugma installer.
Somehow my machine must have been stuck between the two, with the applet thinking that Yugma was installed, but then failing to run Yugma. Symptoms for this are errors like "Application cannot run without file" or "Error number 1". Here is what I did to install Yugma on my Mac:
  1. Download Yugma SE. This is still based on Yugma v2, and installs just fine.
  2. Start Yuma SE, login into Yugma, make sure that everything works as expected.
  3. Download the Yugma Mac Installer. (Thanks Erik for the link!) (If you are on Windows, you need the Yugma Windows Installer instead.)
  4. Run the installer. At the end it will complain about a missing Acknowledge; this will exit Yugma.
  5. Copy the file /Applications/YugmaSE/properties/ to /Applications/Yugma/properties.
  6. Now start /Applications/ If everything works, you're back in business!


Santosh said...

What I'm getting Yugma V3 is more featured. Some issues are with upgradation but I handled it very well. If wanna help write me.

Alessandro Vernet said...

Thank you for the offer. I manage the get through the upgrade, but it wasn't a straightforward process. And the issue is that when you have a meeting, and you have a few other people on the phone that have to go through the upgrade at the beginning of the meeting, the upgrade has to be very straightforward. If it just fail for one of them, you are stuck.


Manoj said...

Hi, Yugma V3 is working fine if your network is working fine then Yugma Installer do not have any issue. if you still found isuue in upgradation then click here need more help then write.

/Slash said...

I found a Youtube video about Yugma's vision. It's actually quite interesting.


Thom said...

New link to app installer is

Their site isn't very cohesive. It doesn't change enough when you're already logged in. I finally found the link when I clicked "Start a Session (Start Here)" -- Normally I expect to download the client first so I'm all prepared BEFORE I try to start a web sharing session...


Alessandro Vernet said...

Great video for Yugma. I really hope that Yugma will do more testing in the future before releasing a new version.