Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In Europe for 3 weeks

I arrived in Switzerland on Sunday and will be staying here in Europe for the next 3 weeks. Let me tell you this: it is cold here. Very cold, with freezing temperatures (sub-zero °C, sub-32 °F) even early afternoon. I find it hard to believe, but Gérard pretends it is even colder in Ottawa.


Gerard Metrailler said...

It sure is... we have a nice -22° Celsius this morning, without the wind-shield factor. Want to come over for a few days on your way back? :)

Erik Bruchez said...

Alex, it seems that your "on Sunday" was 2 1/2 weeks ago ;-)

Gerard, you would have been enthused by our little (aborted) snowshoeing expedition to Grand-Saint-Bernard yesterday (quite a little bit of wind chill too ;-)

Alessandro Vernet said...

Hem, -22°. Gérard, be sure not to invite us to your place in the winter!

And Erik, yes, this is what happens when I write posts on the iPhone and only publish them much later. At least, I tried to "correctly backdate" the entries.

Gerard Metrailler said...

Alex, was this an email blog post from the iPhone? If yes, how did you manage sending the photo with the text on the blog post? Is this a Blogspot feature? I've tried that on my blog with no success.

Alessandro Vernet said...

Gérard, it was written on the iPhone, but then posted the traditional way. My way of dealing with blogs goes as follows:

1. I collect ideas of things I can blog about in a list (think GTD).
2. I write a draft blog entry (which if I am not too much in a rush at the time can happen at the same time as #1).
3. I edit the blog entry, add an image, and get it ready to be published.
4. I publish it.

There can be a significant amount of time between each step. For instance, the queue between 3 and 4 typically has 10 posts ready to be published. Hence I don't feel the need to do everything on the iPhone, just points 1 and 2.