Thursday, December 13, 2007

Do-Dos and Notes Synchronization on the iPhone

When you design a product, hardware or software, making it simple and elegant often equates to making the right choices for the user, and focusing on providing a great experience out of the box. Contrast this with proving many options, considering each one is as good to the next, and letting the user choose.

Apple strives to be on the side of simplicity and elegance. Before Leopard was released, everyone thought that do-dos and notes synchronization would come to the iPhone with the new release of Leopard, because the new mail application in Leopard has those features. But this hasn't happened so far. Synchronization with Mail is now possible on the Mac side, but what about Windows? Apple can't ignore Windows. Can they provide a different, inconsistent behavior on Windows? Most likely they don't want to? Could Apple be planning something as wild as a version of their Mail application for Windows?