Thursday, November 08, 2007

Orbitz: Throwable Flights

I have been booking some flights recently. As usual, I did a first research on Kayak, because its cross-site searching capabilities and of its great interface (at least the best I have seen so far). The flight I selected was sold by Orbitz at a reasonable price, so I just went ahead and clicked on a link on Kayak that took me to Orbitz to complete the reservation.

This is when Orbitz served me this page (click on the image for a larger version):

First, Orbitz is telling that the flight I selected is not available. Why? Other links from Kayak to Orbitz for other flights got me the same error message. Was this a temporary glitch? An evil plan from Orbitz to avoid paying a commission to Kayak?

And have you noticed that error message? What is that java.lang.Throwable? Orbitz must be using some Java infrastructure. And I'll call those throwable flights.


Anonymous said...

There was a lot of buzz on how Orbitz is using Lisp. But when you read this
they say there is fair amount of Java involved as well
-- Sujee

Alessandro Vernet said...

Hi Sujee,

Interesting. I would think that if Lisp is even used those days, it must be more for algorithmic tasks running in the back-end rather than the front-end. So I am not too surprised to see them using Java for the front-end :).