Thursday, November 01, 2007

Now we can have conversations on Blogger

Very nice: I noticed today that Blogger added checkbox for you to be notified of follow-up comments to a post you are commenting on.

In the past you had to use a tracking tool like coComment or co.mments to keep track of follow-up comments to posts you are commenting on. But most people aren't using any of those tools, and comments most were a fire and forget thing.

Now we'll be able to have real conversations in Blogger comments. You'll find more about this new feature, in the "official Blogger blog": Blogger Buzz.


joaquin said...

Hi Alessandro,
Thanks for the tip. I will look into it, but cocomment not only allows you to track your comments but brings all the other comments from the article you were tracking, but we also have a community aspect were you can interact and from groups and very soon a rating system to go straight to the most relevant articles.
Any questions you can reach me at

Alessandro Vernet said...

Definitely; this is not a replacement for cocomment. I see this feature as being used by people who are not using cocomment (or similar right now). And doing so, they will see the benefit of tracking comments, which in the end might bring more users to cocomment :).


David Bergsland said...

I'm just checking to see if it is limited to gmail accounts

David Bergsland said...

Excellent! my personal email works!