Monday, November 19, 2007

Leopard Improves Renaming

Little things can make a big difference. Now in Leopard, when you rename a file (usually I do this by pressing the enter key), Leopard selects for you the file name without the extension, while it used to select the whole file name. This makes a lot of sense since in 99% of the cases you just want to change the part of the name that is before the extension. This is the type of simple changes that enhances your productivity and that I love to see in new version of an OS.

I am curious, is Vista now doing the same? Update Nov 20, 2007: Olivier left a comment below to say that this is implemented similarly on Vista.


Olivier Bruchez said...

> I am curious, is Vista now doing the same?

And the answer is... yes, it does exactly the same. Looks like Microsoft got it right first, this time (?).

Alessandro Vernet said...

Nice to see that Vista implement this the same way. Thanks Olivier for letting us know about this.


rynair said...

you have no idea how much knowing this simple tip helped me. i used to spend hours trying to click every which way to rename a file. thanks so much!

Lucas said...

Honestly (and I know this is an old post) I have no idea why there is no "rename" function anywhere in the menus. You can context-click, right-click, go in all the finder menus, the Rename function is nowhere to be found! F2 doesn't work either.

For some of us trying to switch from Windows to MacOS, this is very counter-intuitive. In windows when you "Enter" on a file it opens it, and there is about 4 different ways to rename it. Here, it's one of Mac's weird-ass ways of doing stuff that confuzzled the heck out of me - Having to GOOGLE how to rename a file is completely and utterly retarded.

jdnajem said...

thank you thank you thank you. i was missing the rename item on the menu from tiger...and was opening files trying to click to rename. thank you thank you thank you.