Monday, November 12, 2007

Can't switch betweens files in IntelliJ with Leopard

I still haven't upgraded to Leopard. Call this prudence. So far the reports I have read have been mostly positive. Many were disappointed to see that Leopard didn't ship with Java 6, but it looks at least like Java 5 is running pretty well on Leopard.

With one exception: in some cases (all cases?), you can't switch between multiple files you have open in IntelliJ. This unfortunately is a major issue. One workaround is not to use the Mac OS X look & feel. I am not sure if this is a complete blocker for an upgrade to Leopard, but I will sure wait a little longer and see what happens with this one.

Update Nov 13, 2007: Great news: Dmitry mentioned in a comment that this issue should now be fixed in the 7.0.2 EAP build. Thank you Dmitry. For sure, those IntelliJ guys aren't sleeping!


Anonymous said...


The switching files problem should be fixed in the 7.0.2 EAP build 7549 which was recently released.

Dmitry Jemerojev

Alessandro Vernet said...


Thank you for the comment. This is great news! I added an update to the post with the link to download the EAP.