Thursday, October 18, 2007

IntelliJ Plugins

JetBrain released IntelliJ 7. I upgraded, and in the process had to reinstall some of the plugins I have been using in the past. Here are the plugins that I find the most useful:

  • Auto-Format Text - Adds to IntelliJ the ability to reformat text. This is particularly useful when editing Javadoc comments or files with free text paragraphs (like text files or XML document). (Sorry for the shameless plug: I wrote this one years ago, and still find it very useful.)
  • DragNDrop - This plugin will allow a user to drag and drop files into the main pane of IntelliJ.
  • Axis TCP Monitor - Monitor your HTTP connections and check exactly what is going through the wire.
  • TabSwitch - Lets you switch between buffers with ctrl-tab, in the same way you would switch between applications with alt-tab.