Friday, October 26, 2007

DownloadSquad, Unubscribing

Today I unsubscribed to Download Squad. I have been a long time reader, and liked the blog for its broad coverage of the latest tech news. Lately I found Download Squad to lack accuracy and diligence in the way it report news, compared to, say, TechCrunch.

The tip-off point was this post about a Yahoo! Widget that shows you the cheapest gas station in your area. The post also gives the "10 highest prices in the country" by state. Now I would expect this to be based on price average for each state. You can see a screenshot of that list on the right. Wouldn't you expect California to be in that list? A quick check on GasBuddy shows that California is in 3rd position right now, just after Hawaii and Alaska. That may vary with time, but I definitely expect California to be in the top-10 at any time.

Am I too hard on Download Squad, or do you also consider that a blog which is in the top-100 blogs according to Technorati should be held to higher standards?