Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Changes to eXist's conf.xml

I am doing quite a bit of testing those days using eXist's latest code, fresh out of Subversion. There are two changes to the default conf.xml that I find useful:

  • Increase the size limit for XML fragments created by eXist. The value is a number of nodes, and the default is 10000 which I find to be way to low. Instead of trying to set a higher limit, I set it to be "unlimited". Of course unlimited means limited by the size of you heap.

    <watchdog limit="-1" timeout="-1">

  • Enable query rewrite. When doing so, eXist will be able to use the qname indexes declared in collection.xconf (for instance: <create qname="name" type="xs:string">).

    <xquery enable-java-binding="no" enable-query-rewriting="yes" backwardCompatible="no">