Friday, May 27, 2005

My Wish List for Yahoo! Mail

  1. Support for threading. As I am looking at a message, I want to be able to quickly navigate to the messages in the same thread. GMail has a nice interface for this.

  2. Opening multiple messages at the same time in different tabs. I am using Firefox, but this would be the same with any browser supporting tabs: when I have a list of messages, I would like to ctrl-click on those I want to read, so open in other tabs in the background. This used to work and was broken recently. (Sometimes it works, sometimes the Yahoo! Mail home page is displayed.)

  3. Shortcuts. I want shortcuts for every action you can perform. This is maybe the easiest to add, and in fact my Greasemonkey script gets this done for some of the most common actions.

  4. Speed! The UI is in general slow, with some pages taking even a few seconds to load. And using the search is just incredibly slow! It is faster to search the whole web through Yahoo! Search than my inbox in Yahoo! Mail.