Saturday, April 10, 2004

Features we need in Eclipse

  • Ability to define shortcuts to activate views, e.g. the Navigator view

  • Ability to define shortcut for contextual menu (right click) actions, including actions contributed by plugins

  • Highlight occurence of a given text in file (IntelliJ's "Highlight usages in file"). For instance here the word "XML" is highlighted this way in IntelliJ:

  • Completely remove the toolbar - who needs a toolbar? ;)

  • Option to show the complete full path of currently edited file in Eclipse window title

  • Editor: copy and cut work as if the current line was selected when nothing is selected

  • Editor: action to duplicate selection

  • Automatic "save all" when swtiching to another application

  • Mouse wheel does not scroll window under cursor but active window

  • IntelliJ's live templates

  • Every time the Search dialog is opened, it seems to go to the same tab (XPath search, as I have XML Buddy installed). I would like it to go the last tab I used. (Could this problem be caused by XML Buddy?)

  • All the log4j plugins I got a chance to try seems to be broken under M8. What's the deal?

Issues or questions with solutions:

  • The shape of the caret is, well, original (see on the right). Solution: This is because the editor is in "smart insert" mode.